sy    High Power Amplifier    DSP-1000


This DSP-1000 amplifier is designed for use with high wattage passive subwoofer speakers such as in-wall subwoofers or home theater subwoofers that require external power.This is a highly efficient Class D subwoofer amplifier that serves up 1000W RMS  @4ohm for deep, crisp, clean low-frequency sound effects in dedicated home theater systems and media rooms.

Compact but powerful, the DSP-1000 power amplifier buit-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for high performance at low clock freqiencies and improve bass response of subs. You can control the DSP by knob or remote, and allows users to edit in user mode or in PC. You can see the functions showing on the display.


Main features of the subwoofer amplifier DSP-1000:
* Class D amplifier design

* Built-in DSP control for precise adjustment and configuration of the audio signal 

* LCD display

* Large toroidal transformer

* Front-mounted power meter and back panel adjustable gain

* Low level and high level pass through 

* Low distortion with high efficiency

* XLR balanced left/right inputs, unbalanced RCA inputs and high-level inputs for integration into all systems

* 1 terminal block for connecting the loudspeaker output

* Sub balanced left / right RCA outputs for connection of additional amplifers and electronics

* Includes a variable high-cut filter that routes higher frequencies to main speakers

* Improves the overall sound quality of home theater surround sound systems
* Digital technology , Regional Module Design
* Switching power supply provides excellent efficiency

* Remote control included

Subwoofer amplifier 

*12V trigger input 
* Capable of sustained, continuous output without thermal shutdown
* Built-in limiter circuit protection prevents peak overloads
* Manual and automatic on/off mode options 
* Aluminum panel and mental case
* The subwoofer speaker with green 0.5-watt low standby power consumption

* 115 / 230V switchable power supply (50-60 Hz) 
* RoHS compliant, lead-free construction, world-wide safety certifications
* OEM and ODM are welcome.


Specifications of the subwoofer power amplifier :

 Rated output power  1000W RMS <1% THD (@4 OHM)                                                                                              
 THD at 1000W (4 Ohm)  0.07%
 THD at 1W (4 Ohm)  0.08%
 Frequency Response

 Sub mode: 10-204 Hz (adjustable subsonic and crossover)

 LFE mode : 10 Hz-2 kHz (adjustable subsonic)  

 S/N ratio  100dB Sub / 90dB LFE
 Output noise  1,5mV Sub / 2mV LFE
 Input sensitivity
 (for 1000W out)
 RCA in : 220mV
 XLR in : 220mV
 High-level inpu  2,6V
 Line output  200mV (gain of about 0dB)
 Auto-on sensitivity  3,2mV
 Automatic shutdown time  adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes, 5 minutes increments
 12V trigger  6V DC at 2mA minimum required to trigger
 Standby power  <0,5W
 Dimensions without feet,
 without rack brackets
 W425,5 x H89 x D368,5 mm
 Dimensions with feet
 & rack brackets
 W483 x H101,5 x D368,5 mm
 Weight  27.3 lb (12.4 kg)


DSP specifcations(Can be customized)

 Volume                                Adjustable, -60 to + 10dB                                                                                                           
 Subsonic flter  Adjustable, 24dB per octave, 20.3 to 40.5 Hz
 Crossover frequency  Adjustable, 39.4 to 204 Hz
 Crossover slope  Adjustable, 12dB-48dB per octave, 6dB increments
 User EQ  9 independent third frequencies (19.7 Hz - 125 Hz) with a -6dB/+3dB range
 DSP Presets  7 EQ presets set in factory (depends on the application)
 Phase  Adjustable from 0 to 315°, 45° increments
 Mode  Sub (crossover) or LFE
 Display mode  Enabled or disabled after 30 minutes of inactivity